Easy MEET Manager Details:

Using the latest database technology and with every effort being made to simplify the running of meets, Easy Meet Manager is simply the software you need to run all your meets.

Easy Meet Manager II includes, at no extra charge, all timer interfaces so that you can download times from your timer and networking capability to allow multiple users to handle printing chores or last minute entries. There are NO EXTRAS, everything you need is included.

All printouts are previewed to the screen so you see exactly how they will appear before printing and, for example, you can print only selected pages of your heat sheets should you need to.

Easy Meet Manager includes true 'click-and-drag' as you move swimmers between heats and lanes or place swimmers onto and off relays.

EASY MEET MANAGER is receiving rave reviews from all who use it. The intuitive interface, the flexibility and the ease of use have all been mentioned by those running meets. Summer leagues are really making use of all the flexibility since there are at least three different ways that dual meets may be run and scored. Click to see some Easy Meet Manager screens.

EASY MEET MANAGER is sleek and fast! During the running of your meet ONE keystroke prints a preselected number of copies of results and award labels and pulls up the next event while you sit back and take a breather. There is literally no easier or faster way to run a meet!

If you use a Colorado, Daktronic, Omega, Kyrotech, Best Bet, The Time Machine, Colorado Dolphin, Wireless Timing, IST Timing, Take Your Mark or TimeTech timer, you can send times to your PC at ANY time. It simply saves the times on disk for you so that you may retrieve them whenever you are ready. No need to be synchronized in any way with your timing console. If you have a Colorado System 5 or a Daktronics 6000, you can quickly upload your event list into the timer so that you don't have to manually key in the events at the console. Easy Meet Manager also works with the BestBET timing system (see links) which uses a computer as a timer for all your meets, with THE TIME MACHINE and with the Take Your Mark timing system. All these interfaces are built-in and included at no extra charge.

Easy Meet Manager II includes dual meet results printed in the 'conventional' high school/college dual column format with scores, and HTML output. Now you can put your meet together print your heat sheets and also produce HTML heat sheets so that you may have them on your web site a week or so before the meet letting everyone know when and where they will be swimming. Then, after your meet, click a button and have your complete results in HTML format ready for the web site!

EASY MEET MANAGER is being used by more states to figure the qualifiers from multiple meets that feed into one meet. For example, perhaps you have 5 district high school meets and the qualifiers for the state meet are chosen from these meets by various rules using "at large" qualifiers, "automatic" qualifiers and/or those that make cut off times. EASY MEET MANAGER is used in such a way that, if the meets are simultaneous (or close), emailed results may be combined in a matter of seconds with the qualifiers then notified by email to each site as the meets are ongoing. And, of course, with HTML results, they may be available to the whole world within minutes. It also means no further data entry for the state meet! This same system is used for age group meets and summer leagues. Easy Meet Manager has run the Southwest Classic High School Meet, the largest high school swimming meet in the nation.

Now that all meet management software handles USA SDIF files, you won't have any trouble accepting meet entries and supplying meet results that others can use regardless of which software systems they use.
  • Networking capabilities at NO extra charge
  • Preview all printouts on screen in actual format
  • All TIMER INTEFACES are NO extra charge
  • Instantly see Finish Order during results entry
  • Produce a meet time line
  • Score multiple meets within a meet
  • True 'Click-and-Drag' capabilities
  • More ease of use than ever before
  • And much more ...