EasySport is a web based meet entry system for track, cross country meets and road races that makes it easy to generate an electronic meet entry file that is then downloaded by the meet host for importing into meet management software.

Log in as a COACH by clicking COACH in the top menu bar..

Each TEAM may have no more than SIX (6) coaches. These six coaches can then do the team entries for that team. Team Entries may be done at any time prior to the meet deadline and DO NOT have to be done all at one sitting.

Entering a meet consists of THREE basic steps on this site:

1. Add names to your team roster.
2. Enter athletes into proper event(s).
3. Confirm entries (any number of times to generate an email with current entries for checking).

Coaches may perform all of these tasks until the MEET DEADLINE.

AS AN ALTERNATIVE to entering your team roster here, each team may enter the basic data (or cut/paste) on each athlete into a spread sheet and then submit it to the webmaster below. You may then add individuals as needed while on-line.

When doing this, you MUST HAVE THE DATA IN A VERY SPECIFIC ORDER. In the spread sheet, there must be NO COLUMN HEADINGS. The first column MUST be the LAST NAME, the second column MUST be the FIRST NAME and succeeding columns MUST BE GENDER (and M or F), AGE, GRADE (numbers, NOT JR, or SR), TEAM NAME, BIB # and MEET NAME, (total of 8 columns).

Include all columns event if unused.

4. AGE
7. BIB #

One row of your spread sheet might look like:     Stewart Sarah   F    12   6    ABC Athletic Club    375    XYZ MEET

If any data is not being used then include the blank column for that item.
When you have all the data in the spread sheet, save the spread sheet and send to the Web Master and he will import the file.

Any meet director who would like to use EASY SPORT for meets he/she is running should click the SUBMIT MEET button on the bottom of the home screen. Contact the Webmaster below if there are question you might have.
Set up time is generally about 24 hours.

Cost is a one-time $35 for the entire meet regardless of the number of teams or entries (no cost to the teams).

Results of the meet will be available right after each meet when the Meet Director uploads them.

To start this process, click the SUBMIT MEET button on the bottom of the home screen.

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