EasySport is a web based meet entry system for track, road races and cross country meets that makes it easy to generate an electronic meet entry file that is then submitted to the meet host for importing into meet management software.

You may log in as a COACH and then follow 3 steps (in above menus bar) in order to complete your entries.

Each TEAM may have no more than SIX (6) coaches. These six coaches can then do the team entries for that team. A coach can ADD athletes to his roster, do the MEET ENTRIES and CONFIRM entries in order to receive an email of all entries for careful checking.

The THREE STEPS, after logging in, are in the menu at the top of each screen. Follow the directions on each screen to accomplish the task at hand.

1. Complete and edit your TEAM ROSTER where necessary

2. Enter your athletes and relays into the correct events

3. Confirm your entries when finished.

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